The Acts 6 Strategy to Stress Relief

The apostles, they had to learn this. There’s a time in Acts, in Acts 6 where it talks about the church was growing, and you know, with anything growing, things tend to fall through the cracks.

And so some widow started complaining that they were being left out of the ministry, and the Bible said that discontentment was arising, and that’s what happens. And so the 12 apostles got together, and they said, okay, we cannot be faithful to our responsibility of teaching and praying and also be serving tables. And so look what they did here. Acts 6:2-4, “so the Twelve called a meeting of all the believers. They said, we apostles should spend our time preaching the word of God, not running a food program. And so, brothers, select seven men who are well respected and full of the Spirit of wisdom and let them do it.” So maybe they learn the lesson the hard way. But at least they go to the point with the wisdom to realize we need a focus on the zone, the grace, the gifts of doing certain things that God has given us to do, the teaching and the praying, and let’s let other people who their gifts might be serving table, might be hospitality, let’s let them thrive within their gifts. And when they made that decision, guess what happened. It picks up here, Acts 6 verse 7, it says, “God’s message continued to spread. The number of believers greatly increased.” They saw success. The church grew, their spiritual lives grew whenever they learned to stay within what God had asked and tasked them to do. Feeding people was a good thing, but it was not their God thing. So maybe you need to ask yourself, and I have to ask myself this on occasion, just to check back and check my leadings here. Am I stressed because I’m too involved? You know, what’s the one thing? What is that one area that God has tasked you to do, that he’s called you to do, that you have a grace to do, that there’s a passion in you to do? And then work to find a way to stay in that area. You know, it might be preaching. It might be praying. It might be leading a small group. It might just be attending church for a season and that’s all you do. It might be solely focusing on raising your family. All of those things are good things and can be your God things to do, but God is not going to ask you to do every single one of those things. But I think another reason why … Do you suffer for feeling anxious, agitated, irritable, or overwhelmed? If so, you are not alone. Unfortunately three out of every four Christians admit to these symptoms of stress, but more important than physical suffering, stress comes between our relationships with God. It hinders obedience to God and it chokes out the fruits of the Holy Spirit in our lives. But you don’t have to suffer from stress anymore. In my four part audio series, Stress Relievers, I alert you to the common ways stress sneaks into our lives and then guide you through practical strategies to kick stress out. If you’re ready to rise above the pressures of today to experience the abundant life that God desires for your future, then don’t wait. Go online now to and order my four-part audio series Stress Relievers, for a donation of only $25. Shipping and handling is included. This series includes four stress relieving messages, living In Your Grace Zone, Busy Bodies, The Easy Way To Trust God, and The Place Of God’s Delight. Don’t let stress choke out the peace of God in your life anymore. Go to to get my Stress Reliever series on four CDs or MP3s for a donation of only $25. And get on your way to real rest and relaxation for your body and your soul.

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