Surface Pro 4 Vs Pro 3

Hey it’s Alex see from times of a wasted with a direct comparison with the surface pro 3 in the pro 4 starting off with the front of the devices you’ll see that the pro 3 has a slightly smaller display than the pro 4 as well as it Has a dedicated button for the windows logo – it’s not as important with Windows 10, because there is a Windows button in every portion of the OS. So it’s it’s not really required, which is why they strip that and it’s kind of improved, because the screen is bigger.

Now, on the top of both of the displays, you’ll see that the camera on the pro 4 now has another sensor on top of it, that is a thermal reader, and what that’s for is you can use Windows, hello and not allow you to login to the Device, the other two things that big changes are the keyboards you’ll see that the spacing is very different between the two. This one is more like a laptop keyboard, while these are kind of squished together they evenly place, which is still nice, but it’s definitely an improvement with the pro 4. The backlighting is different. This one has just a general panel for lighting as well as this one. Each one is individually backlit, which is really nice, the one on the pro 3, I’m not sure what material it is, but it’s definitely a traction material. It feels nice and it clicks well, but the one on the pro 4 is 40 % bigger, as well as this made out of glass, which is really nice going onto the Pens on the top of this pen is a button for OneNote is as well as This one kind of simulates right click and then that would be erase and then kind of everything you touch would be left click with this, but the one on the pro 3. It’S definitely nice. There’S a pen loop that you attach the keyboard that you kind of just slide that into the pro 4. This is now the eraser. It has some traction to it, which is really nice. So when you write in the screen, it feels like you’re actually erasing something. If you tap it, it opens up OneNote, just like the pro 3 pen, as well as, if you hold it down you’ll see it opens up. Cortana, which is really cool on these side of the pen, is now a hole magnet. If you just press down that’s what would have simulated right-click on the old event as well as on this one, you can actually switch up. You can actually switch out the pen tips, which is really cool, so if you want to use it for drawing or taking those there at different tips to be used, you can just snap it on the side of the pro 4, which is really nice. You don’t need a Finnick with some weird felt on it when it comes to speed. It’S really tough to see the difference between the two. It’S they say it’s about a 30 % difference which is really nice, it’s slightly better battery life other than that it is noticeably thinner. So let me fold both of them up. You can kind of see that difference as well as the volume button is moved at the top other than that on both models. They both have the USB s and everything on the side. It’S just noticeably thinner. The nice move that they decided to go with. This is that they both the same size as well as they both have the same connectives, and what that gives to you is basically, if you already own the pro 3 I’ll, be accessories for the pro 4 are readily available for it. So you can use all your basically, if you like this keyboard better and you have a pro 3, you can just go out and buy the pro 4 keyboard, which is really nice of them to do as well as there’s a docking station. That’S coming out later this year that adds the ability to hook two 4k displays into it, and that will just you can purchase that and use it with the pro 3 as well so yeah. That was a good comparison. If you guys have any questions. Just let me know in the comments down below make sure to give this video a like as well as, if you check my videos, I just made a video about the Lumia 950 XL, as well as the Microsoft. The Institute so definitely go check that out. Have it going guys make sure to LIKE and subscribe you

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