How to Stop all iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Location tracking

Hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech Iowa’s 13 brings with it a lot of new privacy and security features to help you really keep your information private to you but there are three other ways you can actually lock it down a little bit further to help keep your location secret to only you so I wanted to share with you three different ways that you can do that and the first thing you need to know is Apple has actually added a security feature so the first time you install an application that requests your location it will prompt you so we’ll open this application and you’ll see it says do I want to allow WeatherBug to access your location now I may not want to allow this I may only want to allow it once or allow while using the app and if I allow it to use it while using the app it will locate me and then provide me with my weather information so that’s okay with me but I want it to go away and stop sharing my information as soon as I close the app the first time you open an app you cannot allow it to always track your location so that’s a new feature to lock it down however there’s some features we can customize specifically individually to really lock the phone down so if we go into settings and then scroll down to privacy we have location services at the top that’s actually nothing new however there are some new features within this so with location services we can turn it off altogether but this really poses a problem when it comes to using things like navigation with the Maps application or Google Maps or whatever you use because if you have this turned off altogether it can’t use your locations so it’s really not doing you a service now you could turn this on and off every time but it’s easier just to turn it on and then customize it as needed so if we scroll down to things like maps maps we can go in and tell it to never use our location ask next time or use it or while using the app so I would recommend a map application setting it to while using the app it will only use your location while you’re using it now if you have an application that’s using it all the time there’s a new privacy alert that I would recommend keeping on all the time and that is show map in location alerts so maybe you have an application that’s using your location information always you’ve set it to always you’ve allowed this well there’s a new feature where this pops up and tells you your allow it once in a while it will pop up every so often and show you based on a map where it’s actually been locating you so you can either disable it or continue to use it as you can see here on the left and I had Tesla my Tesla app set to always so instead of always I switched it to while using the app and it’s just a nice way to lock it down either even further now if you’d like to see which apps are using your location information regularly you have a couple indicators here as well you have a purple arrow a grey arrow and you also have a hollow purple arrow which means a little bit different now a purple arrow lets you know that your application has recently used your location a hollow arrow will let you know that it’s been used under certain circumstances and then a grey arrow lets you know that it’s been used within the past 24 hours so you can really customize this based on that information for example Facebook I would never allow Facebook to use my information as far as location is concerned they don’t really need to know that so I’ve got it set to never I have that set to never for a couple different applications for example Twitter really doesn’t need to know my location so I’ll turn that off so that’s a one way you can lock this down now the second method for stopping tracking on your phone has to do with when you’re on the internet and using Wi-Fi now maybe you’re traveling or you’re in a coffee shop working and on public Wi-Fi networks it’s really a good idea to lock that down and that’s where today’s sponsor comes in surf shark surf shark has sponsored this video however I use surf shark all the time when I’m on public network so if we go into surf shark we’ll open it up and hit quick connect this will connect us with a VPN locally and what this does is create a secure tunnel between me and whatever I’m doing now surf shark does not keep a record of your logs or anything like that and that’s why I use them they’re very serious about their privacy and also you can hide your location using this because it’s not showing them your real IP address if we go to locations you can also make it look like you’re in a different country so maybe you’re traveling abroad and you want to use the United States so you can watch Netflix watch your different shows that are only available in the United States you can make it look like you’re in the United States maybe you’re in the United States and you want to make it look like you’re in Japan you can that as well there’s also a feature for clean web that stops more tracking as far as ads trackers malware and phishing attempts and then thirdly there’s a great feature that actually disconnects your internet connection should the VPN drop so it really locks everything down and and this VPN is very fast I’ve had no issues with it you saw how quickly it connected and I use it all the time now if you want to try it out for yourself you can just go to surf shark comm slashes Oh low-tech and enter the promo codes Oh low tech for 83 percent off and one month free and it’s definitely worth checking out just download the app check it out see what you think and I highly recommend using it when it’s active you’ll see VPN here in the top now aside from using a VPN there’s actually a third way that people can use your location information other than Wi-Fi and that has to do with Bluetooth so if again we go into our privacy settings and that’s under settings privacy and then Bluetooth applications can actually triangulate your position using bluetooth and I would highly recommend you turn it off for applications such as Facebook again there’s no reason Facebook needs to use my location nor does some of these other applications so I turn that off such as Amazon there’s no reason amazon needs to use bluetooth for me not using wireless headphones with it and I’m not using it to control anything like a drone like I have here with DJI go so really make sure this is customized and locked down to what you’re using it for Rho of motion is a slider I use it that uses Bluetooth so I know that I need bluetooth the same goes with Tesla it’s the key to use the phone and connect to play music so I need bluetooth so just keep that in mind and adjust this according to what you need and that’s really it those three things will really lock down your location information however there’s a fourth thing that you really have no control over and that is your cellular carrier unless you put your phone into airplane mode so your cellular carrier actually has your location information because it can triangulate it based off the actual cell tower so there’s no way to hide it from your from your actual carrier that way the best bet there is to use a VPN as far as your traffic is concerned however you can’t unless you’re in airplane mode because they’ll be able to triangulate your location based off of your signal strength to local towers that’s it for locking down your information if you’d like to try out surf shark like I mentioned go to surf shark comm / solo Tech and enter the promo code solo tech thanks again for sponsoring this video and if you’d like to get your hands on this wallpaper of course I’ll link it in the description as I always do if you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and hit that notification bell if you’d like to see these videos as soon as they’re released if you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

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