How to Replace Wireless Earbuds The Right Way

How to Replace Wireless Earbuds The Right Way!!! Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds Replacement.

Hello guys, iIt’s Anna Fan here from TechAply, welcome back to this channel, hope you guys have a wonderful day. In today’s video I’m gonna quickly show you how to change the earbuds on your inner ear headphones. So, let’s get started. This bluedio neck band has three pairs of earbuds guys. This one is the smallest one. There is a medium sized and the large size of it. If you’r trying to do like this then you’re totally doing it in the wrong way. This is the right way how to do that okay. First of all, you grab the earbud and you turn it over. Alright, so you see that, now what you’re gonna do is it put one side of the earbud in and yeah it’s now already like this. So, now you’re gonna make sure that this one is the cover up with this one as well. First step make your earbud coming inside out okay you just get the earbud inside out that it’s. Alright so whenever you are at this point already just hold this earbud and turn over, there you go. That’s it guys. Thank you so much for watching this video I’m Anna Fan from TechAply. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel for more videos later on. Bye for now you

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