How to Free up Space on Android Phone

Hello guys what’s up. It’s Anna Fan from TechAply welcome back to my channel hope you guys have a wonderful day. In today’s video I’m gonna quickly show you how to free up some space for your Android phone. So, let’s get started.

So, I have a lots of tips for you guys, but in this video, I’m gonna show you guys 3 tips Tip No.1 Go into your settings on your Android phone, scroll down and go into storage to check up the available storage on Android phone. Here available space is just only 3 gigabytes why they used space already like 17 gigabytes okay. First step, you need to clear it all up all this cache data, click on this and click on Delete. The next tip to free up some space for your Android phone is to go into settings then application settings go into application manager there you go here you will see a list of applications that you downloaded and installed on your phone scroll it down and we’ll see more more of that okay. So, this tip is like you should clear the specific app data for which app that eat up space on your phone okay. For example, I’m gonna go and clear my YouTube app data by clicking on the YouTube app then here in the application info you click on storage clearing the data so click on delete. Now, you should find in your list apps like if you mostly use they would eat up space on Android phone, for example Facebook Messenger, Instagram. Mostly, you have to specifically clear the app data from here. OK, that is Tip No.2, now the Tip No.3 will be uninstalling the updates for unnecessary apps on your phone unnecessary apps on your phone are apps that you mostly don’t use but you cannot uninstall it as well Samsung music, for example, this app okay uninstalling updates of this by clicking on the app then clicking on more and you see and install updates click on here and click uninstall so that is the three ways to free some space for your Android phone so that’s it guys. Thanks so much for watching. I am Anna Fan from TechAply, don’t forget to subscribe to this channel for more videos later on. Bye for now.

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