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I’d actually holding your cellphone the latest tech innovations are taking to the sky here to share some of the coolest craziest new gadgets of the future is our tech contributor Kara Kinnear we’re just gonna fly through life what is how yeah things have you’re about to tell us available to us now on the market okay some of them are and some of them aren’t so then you have to have a lot of cash to get but the budget here is so big we’re gonna buy this first one flying motorcycle the world’s first flying motorcycle could be yours by next year check that out looks like something from a movie it probably is but the speeder is developed by jetpack aviation and we’ll be able to take you off from practically anywhere you can fly over 150 miles an hour and up to 15,000 feet there will be both a recreational version and a military commercial version don’t worry ladies and gentlemen you can pre-order this right now but it’s gonna cost you about three hundred and eighty thousand dollars the way the traffic is going in Atlanta it might be a good investment no kidding mmm-hmm that is simply incredible of course we knew it like you said it’s later we saw it in all of our sci-fi movies do it when is this really going to be able to be applied in real life but how will they navigate our I don’t know I mean they’re ourselves there aren’t air regulations for drones right now either which is why a lot of airports have have had to you know ban them from the Cinna T so I think they’ll probably get that down first and then we’ll start creating some kind of roadways or an air travel yeah but Congress doesn’t even know how Facebook works okay so it starts yeah exactly there it’s somewhere come on okay speaking of dress there’s a selfie drone this is very cool you can take stunning aerial HD selfie photos and videos with the air pics by air selfie this is actually been around for a while Jenn jolly brought this on tech edge one day it’s really cool you can throw it up in the air and takes a picture of you the pocket-sized ultra light camera responds to simple app free guests your controls and the facial tracking feature make sure you get the perfect selfie or vote every time that’s what we need drones for selfies there’s also a 360 degree mode and app that allows you to edit apply filters share to social media and live it stream content it’s currently I’m still being tweaked there’s been different varieties of this but this one you can pre-order now and the difference with this one is the the hands-free app like yes your control so you can it will recognize your facial expressions you don’t have to control it solely from an app on your phone okay that is really cool the other thing that they’re getting better about with drones is the like the life for them to exist longer because the batteries would die so quickly they would throw them up in the air and then you’d only have like three minutes to get a perfect selfie we all know that takes longer than three minutes it sure does like today’s would you get that no me too we’re something we’re saving our pennies for that okay the next one because it’s something I really need in my life the smart planner okay planter planter needs but unfortunately does I can’t tell you how they feel that’s where Lua a smart planter by mu design comes in it turns your favorite plant into a spirited virtual pet Oh how do we feel about bike it’s the perfect addition to your inner garden houseplants it’s playful cheerful its cheerful if he’s happy and they do plant companion it can tell you if it’s thirsty or maybe if it’s getting a little sick had too much light or it’s too hot or too cold I think that would there was a pic picture but the kitty cat I don’t know it might freak my dog out yeah and my children it’s a little freaky but I’ll tell you which one of my daughter’s captain would like that yeah my youngest she loves all those little things and she’s always trying to keep things alive in her room that’s nice I know she’s living in there I know you both are like what uh I mean like a little place she’ll pick some I’d ranges or something from the yard and then she likes to take him to her own room and baths we like I didn’t I don’t know much about gardening but I’m learning and what I did learn last year was that just because something is Hardy doesn’t mean you can just leave it out in the Sun no stuff to water it yeah you sure I was like you did what I was like what said it was a hardy mom yeah any more right right it was like a person like if your heart we still need food and water do that’s true come on now okay okay right before the next one I enjoy it’s the smart shower okay the Eva drop is a revolutionary smart shower that reduces up to 50 percent of home water usage with a hassle-free installation and advanced sensor system that automatically adjusts water flow be very helpful well I live in the city of Atlanta where water is so expensive there’s also an app to help you track your water usage and adjust preferences I’m into this I’m into this too and it also saves waterways so one good thing to do for the environment okay that and I bet you that is very you know doable in terms of its bet sure okay I’ve had I was asking today can you just turn off the water for one faucet in your home let me know is that possible turn turn off one flag if you have a leak yeah so I think you should stop water to that mother possum okay yes I’m like no you don’t have to turn the main valve but it will but then it will turn up the water in that entire room right like the bet the sink wouldn’t work in the toilet right look at a please trench already like don’t sidebar let me know on Facebook I have a solution conundrum Jim always handles those things okay we got to go okay this one is kind of creepy I feel like but I’m gonna tell you about anyway zoom contact lenses okay these are a prototype of contact lens that sometimes is from the University of California San Diego have made if you blink twice the context will zoom in and another couple of links will return them to their normal state so sci-fi it’s so crazy the applications for these are endless but as of now they’re still working out a few of the kinks let me know when you get the kinks worked out I don’t want to see through people or let me tell you what I spent on these darn readers that I never can keep track of it would probably add up to those contacts okay I would do it and just see me when I’m trying to be a genie genie those are very cool thank you I like that I like we have a lot to look forward to which I really do yes we sure it’s all happening Thank You Cara Kinnear join us in a good real talk about is coming up I know

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