5 BIGGEST Problems with Galaxy S10 / S10+ After 60 Days!

What’S up guys Shane stars here and I’ve been using the galaxy s 10, plus as my main device ever since it was released, and I have to say this is by far my best experience with a smartphone that I’ve ever had. I really am enjoying the galaxy s 10 plus and in my opinion it is one of the best smartphones currently on the market. I really love this display. I love the battery life that I’m getting. I love the performance that I’m getting.

I still have the dual curved edge: design of the Galaxy S 10 and overall I’m having an incredible experience with this phone. However, as you all know, no phone is perfect and after having used this phone for a couple of months, there are a few things that still annoy me about the galaxy s 10. Plus these are my 5 biggest problems with the galaxy s 10 plus after two months. Let’S go ahead and get started alright. So the number one problem that I’m having with the galaxy s 10 plus, is the fact that it over charges when I’m fast wirelessly charging and I’m not using a third-party charger, I’m using Samsung’s official dual fast wireless charger, and it seems that the phone will get To about 40 or 50 percent, and then it begins to overheat now this has caused a major problem. With my white Sol dome, it was able to get hot enough to kind of melt. The acrylic and my white stone dog started to peel up other than that. It has just become an annoyance because I’ll wake up sometimes in the morning and my phone will only be at half of a charge where a charging has paused due to overheating. That is a pretty big issue. Hopefully, this is something that Samsung can get squared away in the future updates, I’m pretty confident that they’ll be able to nip this problem in the bud. My second problem has to do with the fingerprint scanner and overall I really enjoy the in display fingerprint scanner. I like the fact that it’s something different something unique than other phones on the market and for me it is mostly accurate. Almost a hundred percent of the time there are times when it misses my fingerprint, and it’s not that it misses my fingerprint. It’S that I placed my finger on the wrong part of the screen, so that part is more of a user error. The issue that I have with the fingerprint scanner, even after the update, is that it is super slow and clunky, then display fingerprint scanner is not nearly as fast as the capacities fingerprint scanners that I’m used to on older devices and I’ll be glad to see. Hopefully the note 10 or the next Galaxy S device, with a faster in display fingerprint scanner. The third thing that is kind of annoying for me is the fact that the phone doesn’t really know when it’s in your pocket. So normally, when I’m pulling my phone out of my pocket, I expect for the display to be turned off and for me to need to unlock the phone to get in nine times out of ten. The display is lit up as if I had double tapped it or tried to wake it. Having the phone display to come on inadvertently can be using precious battery life. Hopefully, we’ll have some sort of update that makes it to where this fool knows exactly when it’s in your pocket and it won’t just turn on the lockscreen inadvertently. The fourth issue that I’m having is with the front-facing camera now I for one, actually really loved the cutout design of the galaxy s 10. When it comes to the front-facing cameras, it gives it that bezel lyst feel that true infinity display fill that we’re. After that being said, when I try to swipe down the notification panel, I do notice that I’m normally swiping over the cameras and my notification panel is not coming down. So I’m getting smudges all over my front-facing camera and, at the same time, I’m not actually able to access the notifications, and that happens a lot of the time I have to reach it there a second time and go past the cameras to actually pull down. My notification panel, the fifth issue, is with battery life. Now my snapdragon variant gets incredible battery life. I never come home from work with less than 50 percent battery life and I’m able to get up to eight hours of screen on time, which is absolutely insane. I can’t say enough about how much I love the battery life on the Snapdragon variant of the galaxy s 10 plus. However, there’s been reports all over the place and you guys are telling me that your X and O’s version is only getting you about three to four hours of battery life. Now, on a four thousand milliamp hour phone, that’s kind of Chrome is really not great, so hopefully Samsung will be able to send out some sort of update for the Exynos version of the Galaxy S, ten plus to make the battery more efficient. The sixth thing that kind of bugs me about the design of the phone is the placement of the power button. I’M not really sure why it has to be so far up the side of the galaxy s 10 plus, if it was this high up on the galaxy s 10, which is a much smaller display. That might be reasonable. But I feel like the power button should be right, where my thumb rest naturally, and it’s about an inch to an inch and a half higher up the phone than where my rest, naturally, and even people with bigger hands, have a hard time reaching this power button. Hopefully, on the note 10, maybe the next version of the galaxy s Samsung will decide to move that power button back down to a more reasonable placement. The seventh issue that I have with a phone – and it’s one that I’ve been hearing a lot of you guys complain about – is the fact that it is missing the LED notification lights now. For me, it’s not as much of an issue because I can use the always-on display for notifications or if I want to get really fancy, I can use the customization apps around the camera cutout, which will also notify me and I’ll leave a link in the description Below of how you can set up notifications around your camera cutouts. So for me it’s not much of an issue, but you guys have been saying that you really wish that Samsung would have included the LED notification light. Maybe that’s something they can bring back in future. Phones, alright, in the last problem that I had with the galaxy s 10 plus, is the fact that we don’t have true 3d face unlock devices like the LG G 8 and even the iPhone 10s and 10’s Mac’s have 3d facial recognition with the Galaxy S 10. Plus Samsung did decide to ditch the iris scanner so that way you get they cutout cameras, but then we also only have 2d facial recognition. This means that people can actually get into your phone with just a picture or a video of your face. Hopefully, Samsung will figure out a way to get us 3d facial recognition on the next iterations of their phones. In the meantime, I would suggest just continue to use that really good in display fingerprint scanner. As you can see, the problems here are not too severe for the galaxy s 10. Plus. None of them are reasons that you shouldn’t buy the phone. I still think this is the best possible phone that you can get on the market. In my opinion, the galaxy s 10 plus is the current king of Android, but that about wraps it up for this video. Have you found any issues with the galaxy s 10 plus? Let me know in the comments below what you’re finding issue with if this is just the perfect phone for you and you don’t find any problems with it also, let me know that in the comments, let’s get a conversation going in the comments, thanks guys for watching Be blessed I’ll see you in the next one

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